Hemp, CBD and the Smoky Mountains

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One of the new additions to the Smokies in the last several years is the appearance of Hemp stores. With the legalization of hemp, CBD and hemp stores are located all throughout our area. Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville all have local hemp shops. Most souvenir stores will stock some type of hemp.

Hemp is a cousin to marijuana. No, marijuana is not legal in the Smokies or the state of Tennessee. Hemp, as a cousin to marijuana, is known for CBD a cannabinoid known for promoting good health and wellness. Hemp flower and hemp products are available throughout the area. You will also find Delta 8 products. It is good to talk to the store owner and learn about what product might best work for you.

Find CBD in gummies and other edibles. You will discover CBD teas and drinks along with topical products. These products promote pain relief and wellness, anxiety relief and calmness. CBD does not produce the high known to be associated with marijuana.
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Some popular questions about hemp include:
Can you smoke hemp in Tennessee?
Yes, it is legal to smoke hemp flower. You must be 21 or up.

Is it okay to drive after using Hemp or CBD?
Altho it may look like marijuana, it is different and will not affect your vital signs and ability to drive.

Can CBD Beverages get you high?
CBD Beverages will not get you high although you may notice anxiety relief and a sense of calmness.

There are many CBD Stores and Cafes to check out in the area. These three are known for their quality and have good websites for shipping if you can’t get to the Smokies.

Smoky Mountain Organics

Tennessee Hemp Care

Amos T Hemp

You must be 21 or above to visit a hemp store,purchase or use hemp in the Smokies. The hemp stores have customers of all ages. Many senior frequent the shops to find pain relief. We invite you to learn about hemp in the Smoky Mountain Area. Some of the folks, grow their own hemp and product their own products. Learn and explore!

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